Young Author Scheme

Breathe Life To Your Dreams

Since its successful launch in 2003, the Young Author Scheme (YAS) has mentored hundreds of aspiring young authors. Mentored by a team of professional and published authors, your child will create his very own 3,000-word story and get two copies of his very own work. His story will be entered into the Young Author Award and stand a chance of being published either as a paperback or e-book, or even featured in an anthology or in the Young Reader Club magazine.



What Is It?

  • Learn to craft a 3000 word story
  • Stories will be submitted for Young Author Award
  • Every participant will receive 2 copies of their stories in books
  • Winners will obtain the prestigious international Young Author Award.
An example of one of the published books of young authors.

The Exclusive Young Author Club

You will also be granted admission into the exclusive Young Author Club which houses all the gifted and aspiring authors.

After the Young Author Scheme and their book is published, being part of the Young Author Club ensures that the flame of passion for learning, writing and dreaming will continue to be ignited.