Why Creative Writing is Important for 21st Century Learners?

In this day and age, where getting the attention of people is an absolute top priority, creative writing provides a platform for the expression of thoughts and is the greatest marketspace for effective communication. It does those things just due to the simple fact that creative writing is unique and interesting, thus engages and captures attention.

What is creative writing then? Creative writing is any form of writing not bound within the professional circle, enabling the author creative freedom to express their thoughts without
formatting or technical limitations. Rather than just providing

Unique English Classroom

information, creative writing both educates and entertains audiences, making it one of the best tools to reach masses.

    Today, creative writing is a ubiquitous craft that can be found anywhere: from social media marketing to advertisements to website-writeups to scriptwriting; the possibilities of usage are virtually endless. At the end of the day, regardless of the form of representation, the main goal of creative writers is to write pieces that other people want to read.

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