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English Vocabulary Online Lesson

English Vocabulary Online Lesson offers weekly English language tuition class conducted by our experienced teachers. These live classes are delivered through a live video platform using Zoom. During the lesson, you will have the opportunity to interact with the teacher. These lessons are not pre-recorded videos; they are actual teachers conducting real-time lessons.

Key features of our program include:
• Approximately 30 new words and expressions will be introduced in each session on average.
• Understanding the subtle connotations of words, including their register and style, and exploring how words form collocations, compounds, and fixed phrases.
• Vocabulary will be presented in context, supported by numerous practice activities to enhance understanding.
• Enjoy a fun and engaging learning experience while acquiring new vocabulary.

Lesson Details

Online via Zoom

Students are expected to have laptop and good internet connection.

Once per week

Class runs every week, ranging from lower to upper elementary and intermediate.

RM20 per class

Fees of RM240 are collected quarterly for 12 classes (3 months)

Small class size

Average class size ranges from 5 to a maximum of 15 students.

Lesson Timeslots
Some classes might be full. Please refer to our registration form below to check the availability.
Lower Elementary

Suitable for students aged 7 to 10

✧ Thursday 5.30pm to 6.45pm
✧ Saturday 9.15am to 10.30am

Upper Elementary

Suitable for students aged 10 to 12

✧ Thursday 8.00pm to 9.15pm
✧ Friday 8.00pm to 9.15pm
✧ Saturday 2.45pm to 4.00pm 


Suitable for students aged 13 to 16

✧ Friday 5.30pm to 6.45pm

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