Kids Can Read

Learning Through Stories

Kids Can Read is a fun-filled and engaging program where kids can learn reading through phonics, as well as write, move, and take part in drama. A new book will be introduced via the storytelling session after every four sessions and the themes will be fully explored as well. The BEST part? This is an awesome program for Mummy, Daddy and your child!

Auntie Cat engaging kids and their parents in her expressive and imaginative storytelling session.

Kids Can Read will help:

  • Make reading fun
  • Establish a connection between reading & writing
  • Spark imagination & creativity while developing language & vocabulary
  • Develop a burning desire to read
Kids and their parents engaging enthusiastically in the class activities.

This is the best program to spark your child’s interest in reading and to develop their language & vocabulary.

Your child is guaranteed to be able to learn how to read one new book every month.