Preparing for the annual HIPPO International English Olympiad

English is often seen as hard, uninteresting and generally a pain to learn. But English is not only just a language, or a chore; English is one of the most useful tools for communication, enjoying various forms of entertainment, and of course, further studying. The list of possibilities that open up when we have a high command of English are endless… so, how do we ensure that the learning process does not cause you to spend hours banging your head against the wall, or to giving up halfway due to a complete lack of interest?

Well, that is where HIPPO comes in! The HIPPO International English Olympiad brings international-level English to the upcoming generation, focusing on providing exposure to the language from a basics to advanced level. The competition aims to test participants not only in theoretical knowledge of English, but practical applications as well.

How to prepare for HIPPO?

Learn and use English like your favourite hobby: it is very crucial that you expose yourself heavily to the language, be it through books, movies, games and general activities. The best part about English is that its everywhere! Don’t get intimated by looking at thick books, complicated blocks of text and nightmarish grammatical rules.

In-depth knowledge about the syllabus:

Make sure you are proficient in all the topics. You should possess general knowledge about the topics associated under CEFR. Practice questions relating to the topics, have a good grip of basic grammatical concepts and of course, read, read and keep reading!

Practice, Practice and Practice!

As the saying goes, there is no glory in practice, but there is no glory without practice. To learn to sing or to play a musical instrument requires constant practice to achieve a high level of fluency. Similarly, when learning English, it would help massively if you were to use the language in various forms of communication and read extensively. Interact with others that have a high command of English which will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Stay motivated by rewarding yourself each time you achieve a new target:

Being mentally confident and prepared is the key to performing well in any Olympiad or competition. Hence, it is necessary to carry an optimistic and confident attitude, if the target is to score high in HIPPO. Build the right attitude in yourself once you are academically prepared. Check your notes, essential topics or subtopics, go through vital questions, and most importantly, remember to occasionally take a break to destress and reward yourself sufficiently!

HIPPO Past Years
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