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CEFR Online English Lesson offers weekly English Language tuition classes conducted by experienced teachers. These live classes, facilitated through Zoom, foster an interactive environment for both students and teachers. 

Our lessons are tailored to accommodate students' individual abilities. This lively and interactive course covers the general aspects of the English language, including Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Use of English. 

Key features of our programme include:
• Stimulating, age-appropriate themes to encourage engagement and discussion among students.
• Comprehensive content covering Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation, Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing.
• Dynamic materials such as recorded audio and video interviews with teenagers, creating an immersive language experience.
• Dedicated sections aimed at developing writing and speaking skills.
• Wide range of topics to broaden vocabulary range.
• Cross-curricular and cultural units that stimulate interest in global issues
Lesson Timeslots
Some classes might be full. Please refer to our registration form below to check the availability.

Suitable for students aged 8 to 10

✧ Monday 5.30pm to 6.45pm
✧ Monday 8.00pm to 9.15pm
✧ Tuesday 8.00pm to 9.15pm
✧ Wednesday 8.00pm to 9.15pm


Suitable for students aged 10 to 12

✧ Tuesday 5.30pm to 6.45pm
✧ Wednesday 8.00pm to 9.15pm
✧ Thursday 8.00pm to 9.15pm 


Suitable for students aged 12 to 14

✧ Monday 8.00pm to 9.15pm
✧ Wednesday 5.30pm to 6.45pm
✧ Thursday 5.30pm to 6.45pm
✧ Thursday 7.45pm to 9.00pm


Suitable for students aged 15 to 16

✧ Friday 5.30pm to 6.45pm

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