About Us

No longer is it just enough for Children to be able to read and write. It is now essential for them to develop keen understanding and comprehension of English and accurate application of the English Language.

We are here to give your child a head-start amongst their peers. Reading and writing should not be a difficult task. Here at UEC, we make reading and writing fun and exciting by using stories, games, drama and performances, making each lesson interesting and fun. Through Reading and Writing, we make stories come alive! Each Lesson is designed not only to improve your child’s English Language but also prepare them for grade school and high school.

We have incorporated 21st-century learning competencies through activities like Storytelling, which through the use of communication, sequences and logical reasoning helps to increase your child’s intelligence competency.
Here at UEC, your child learns through application and self-discovery, developing their love of learning languages and create independent learners!

The Unique English Classroom is a synergistic think-out-of-the-box, highly-interactive and fun series of programmes to accelerate the teaching of English. The Unique English Classroom™ programmes have found a niche in more than 200 Singaporean primary and secondary schools since it was first introduced in 1996. This programme is also supported by Ministry of Social and Family (Singapore)

This Programme is supported by 5 main reading and writing programs for children from 3-14 called

The Unique English Classroom also is a licensee of the Young Author’s Society (YAS)where children from 8-16 learn to express themselves through penmanship and authoring their very own books.